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First Impressions: Bideli 1 Kg Electric

The first roast that I did on this roaster was with 400 grams of Colombian Rainforest Santander from our friends at Single Origin. No particular reasons just a first batch to play with the machine. I didn’t bring my laptop to work so I logged my data on a piece of paper. Starting the roast at 400F was a bit high which resulted in some scorching of the beans. First crack at 7 and a half minutes in. Leaving the beans in the drum a bit longer dropping at 10 and a half, ensuring the end result ended up in the composter.

A few days later, we roasted 1 kg of the same Colombian Rainforest Santander with much better results as you can see in the Artisan profile. The starting 3kW setting was a bit low which made the roast progress rather slow with a drop time of 15 minutes and 30 seconds. The result was a very nice medium-dark roast, a smooth and round bean, no chaff with the beans, and a very nice aroma.

All-in-all it was a great first impression and I am looking forward to my next roasts on this machine.