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Santoker 3 Kg Electric Roaster

Batch size: 500 – 3200 grams
Electrical: 240 volt
Power: 8000 watts
Data logging: USB/Bluetooth
Certificate: CE
Dimensions (wxdxh): 112 x 73 x 125 cm
Weight: 175 kg

The Santoker 3kg electric coffee roaster is a small production roaster ideal for micro-roasters and independent coffee shops that want to roast their own beans. The Santoker roaster offers heat, air and drum speed controls. Together with bean and environmental temperature displays, the roasting professional is in full control of each roasting process. The double wall drum with effective mixing blades facilitates even and efficient heating. Roast process data logging is available trough USB computer or Bluetooth roasting app connection. Cleaning and maintenance is simple through large easy to open and lockable access panels.

Roasting Equipment Features:

  • Heating control using electrical power dial and lcd display
  • Airflow control using manual damper
  • Double wall carbon steel drum 6mm thickness
  • Double layer cover for insulation
  • Die cast steel front panel
  • Large cooling tray
  • Chaff cyclone with easily removable chaff bucket
  • Independent electric motors for:
    • Drum
    • Air flow
    • Cooling tray air
    • Cooling tray mixing
  • USB data logging
  • Safety:
    • Stops heating when target temperature is reached
    • Emergency stop button
  • Heat up function
  • Drum speed control
  • Timer display
  • Wooden handle sampler/trier
  • Sight glass
  • LED lighting
  • Black color with hammered rose-gold colour panels (white or red with different accent panels optional)