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New Arrival: Bideli 1 kg Electric Roaster

We have just received a new addition to our coffee roaster equipment line-up. It is a “small” roaster capable of roasting up to 1.5 kgs per batch. This “small” roaster offers all the features of a larger production roaster, capable of roasting batch after batch. When one batch has dropped in the cooler, you can already load the next.

Capacity: 0.2 – 1.5 kg
Drum: Double layer 304 food grade stainless steel
Power: 4.8 kW, 240 V, 20 A
Dimensions: L 94 x W 67 x H 101 cm
Weight: 115 kg

The roasting machine uses 2 PIDs to control the heat: One for bean temperature (BT) and one for environment temperature (ET). Power is controlled using a dial. And airflow is regulated using a manual damper. USB datalogger is included.